Integrated Language and Science Lessons in Chinese Immersion Classrooms-Sally Mao老师精彩讲座回顾

Integrated Language and Science Lessons in Chinese Immersion Classrooms-Sally Mao老师精彩讲座回顾

 Webinar By Sally Mao

Integrated Language and Science Lessons in Chinese Immersion Classrooms

In this Webinar, the presenter will share her own experience in curriculum design for science lessons in the Chinese immersion classrooms. Step by step, the presenter will share in depth how she integrates language, literacy, culture, and art into her science lessons. In addition, the presenter will also share how she uses iChineseReader to help her students reinforce vocabulary and concepts in science.
    在这次讲座中,Sally Mao老师将与大家分享她在沉浸式中文教学中,针对科学课的课程设计方案。详细介绍她如何将语言、文学、文化、艺术等元素,整合进科学课程的教学之中。同时,Sally Mao老师还将与大家分享如何使用iChineseReader 巩固学生的科学词汇及科学概念。



My name is Sally Mao, I am originally from China, where I completed my K-12 education as well as college education. I came to the US in 1990 to pursue my advanced education. I obtained my second Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with my teaching credential and my Master’s Degree in Linguistics with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Utah.

This year I am celebrating the 21st year of my teaching career in the public schools. For the past 20 years I have taught in different language programs, such as, English Language Development, Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program, and Chinese Foreign Language Program. Most of my teaching experience has been with the Mandarin immersion programs. I have been with Barnard since 2007 when the Mandarin Chinese program first started.  Helping my students acquire the Chinese language and watching them grow socially and academically are my greatest joy of the day at Barnard.

2 Kindergarten Mandarin Immersion Teacher at Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy

2 21 years of language teaching experience in public schools (5 years of teaching ESL, 13 years of teaching Chinese Immersion and 3 years of teaching Chinese as a foreign language)

2 Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 2013 awarded by CLTA (California Language Teachers’ Association)

2 Distinguished Chinese Teacher of the Year in 2010 awarded by CLERC (Chinese Language Education and Research Center)




To find Chinese Science Readers authored by Sally Mao, login to and type keyword“毛老师科学” in the search box.