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iChineseReader 3.0 is an online leveled reading platform tailored to meet the varied reading needs of all K-12 Chinese programs.

It offers more than 2000 fiction and nonfiction interactive e-books of different genres, topics, and content areas placed at 20 proficiency levels. iChineseReader includes the most popular publishers’ series and articles written by star teachers in North America.

On iChineseReader, students can independently listen, read and record the Chinese texts and practice literacy skills any time, anywhere, and at their own pace!


As a Chinese teacher, are you struggling to implement differentiated instruction strategies? Do you have difficulty adapting a balanced literacy approach? Are you still in search of the right platform to improve your students’ proficiency level?

Add iChineseReader to your classroom, and you will be surprised by the magic transformation it brings to your students. With a built-in powerful class management system, iChineseReader can help you improve your students’ literacy skills and achieve strategic learning goals.

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