Level System

iChineseReader’s Leveling System

iChineseReader’s  articles are placed in 20 difficulty levels based on The Common Core Standards’ model of text complexity, including “quantitative measures”, “qualitative measures” and “reader and task”.  Our levels are based on proficiency, not students’ age or grade.

  • Quantitative Measures: For each article, we have detailed statistics on total character and word count, unique word count, and number of high-frequency words, providing a solid foundation to ensure accurate and reliable leveling results.

  • Qualitative Measures: we also take into account text structure and organization, knowledge demands, and illustration supports, to determine the difficulty level of a text.

  • Reader and Task (such as students’ motivation and interests): we provide filters and search tools to help readers easily find books of their own personal interests.

iChineseReader’s Standards Alignments

Except the Common Core State Standards Alignment, we also take ACTFL Correlation, Social Study State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards Alignment into consideration for both level system building and content development. Especially, the customized leveled-articles written by experienced lead teachers in US are focusing on high-frequency words study and content knowledge development. In addition, the build-in official assessments such as quizzes for leveled-articles, benchmark assessment and running records can help teachers better understanding students’ proficiency levels, and motivate students to do more “level-up” meaningful reading.