What Makes iChineseReader Stand Out

Check our updated features and new function!

Standards Alignments

  •       Aligns with Common Core State Standards
  •       Correlates to ACTFL proficiency levels


Unlimited Resources

  •       Provides thousands of high-quality Chinese literature and nonfiction leveled books
  •       Supports content knowledge development in both Science and Social Studies
  •       Include the most popular publishers’ book series and readers written by experienced lead teachers in North America. Share the teacher resource all round world.


Engaging Reading Experience

  •       Options to read in simplified or traditional characters, with or without Pinyin
  •       Listen to thousands of books narrated by professional voice-over talents
  •       Record as students read the texts, to improve reading fluency
  •       Motivate students to practice reading everyday with our built-in incentive system


Easy-to-Use Classroom Management System

  •       Allows teachers to place each student at the appropriate reading level
  •       Enables teachers to assign books to the whole class, small groups or individual students
  •       Produces comprehensive reports to monitor reading progress and inform future teaching


e-Quizzes and Assessments

  •       Corresponding e-quizzes after every e-book promote targeted literacy skills and ensure student comprehension
  •       Benchmark reading passages and running records available at each level(Pilot)f4

Mobile Convenience

  •       Available on PC, Chromebook, iPad and Android Tablet
  •       24/7 Accessibility—practice reading anytime, anywhere