The rich content and standard appropriate reading resources for other languages have always the envy of Chinese language teachers and learners. Our endeavors to put an end of this situation goes back a long way. The following is chronical list of the milestones in the development of iChineseReader. 

Pre-iChineseReader (2010-2013)

iRead Club 中文爱读俱乐部

January 2010, supported by the wholesale bookstore, iChineseEdu (formerly the Chinese Language Education and Research Center, CLERC) created iRead Club to provide catalogs of leveled Chinese reading materials for various Chinese programs. All titles on the catalog were categorized by content subjects and readers’ ages.

iChineseReader Magazine 爱读在线杂志

October 2013, the first issue of iChineseReader Magazine, an online bilingual magazine for Chinese language learners was published. Although this project was ended in one year, the Chinese and English names, “iChineseReader 爱读” were officially used and went to the public. They continued to be used for our current digital reading platform.

iChineseReader · 爱读 (2013-2018)

Our Story
Our Story

Meet Us at NCLC 2019

Meet Us at NCLC 2019
ChineseReader will release many new book series in 2019! Each series has its own unique character and strength. When you compare us with others, there’s no comparison. We set up the reading quality bar HIGH: original, authentic, cross-cultural, cross-subjects and more.
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