🤝All Immersion Students in Delaware Can Now Enjoy iChineseReader👏

🤝All Immersion Students in Delaware Can Now Enjoy iChineseReader👏

All Immersion Students in Delaware 

Can Now Enjoy iChineseReader

After a group evaluation and trial by educators and Chinese language teachers in Delaware, iChineseReader will be officially adopted by all Delaware’s Chinese Language Immersion Programs in the Fall of 2018. This means that all 1,250 Delaware students in grades K-6 can now enjoy standard-aligned leveled readers on iChineseReader in upcoming school year.

According to the information provided by the Delaware Department of Education, Delaware Chinese Language Immersion Programs are part of the larger Governor’s World Language Expansion Initiative created by Governor Jack Markell in 2011. This state-level initiative proposes an aggressive world language education plan that prepares Delaware students with the language skills to compete in an ever-changing global economy at home and around the world.

The number of students involved in Chinese Immersion Programs keeps growing year by year.   In 2016–17 school year, their Chinese programs taught 700 students. In the current school year, this number increased to 1,250. By the 2020 school year, it is estimated that 10% of elementary schools in the state will offer Chinese Language Immersion programs and the state has also expanded its Chinese language offerings in middle and high school.


Lili Lin, Chinese Immersion Specialist in the Delaware Depart of Education

“Our teachers have been actively looking for quality readers for our students for quite a while, and there was no success until we were introduced to iChineseReader during a conference at New Jersey. Chinese Immersion programs are relative new, I believe iChineseReader can be offered as a great resource for teachers to offer differentiated reading materials for students as a homework or supplementary reading. Teachers in our state are excited that they found so many qualities, curriculum-aligned readers in one place, and they could assign differentiated reading homework for their students.”


 is an online leveled reading platform tailored to meet the varied needs of all K-12 Chinese programs, including immersion, foreign language, and heritage programs. This project was created in 2013 and its web and app versions were officially launched in 2015. It now offers more than 2000 e-books of different genres placed at 20 proficiency levels. The platform also contains informative texts on the subjects of Math, Science and Social Studies. iChineseReader keeps on adding books every week!

The school/group subscribers of iChineseReader are growing very fast. By the end of March, 2018, more than 300 schools have become our premier users. These schools are from North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.